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Our Board

We’re all volunteer and are only paid in warm fuzzies knowing that we’ve done good things for MacTown and its people. Get to know us (but don’t make it weird). Interested in joining us? We’re always looking for similarly excited and awesome people to work alongside.

Frankly, we’ve only got one thing in common: we all love Macon.

Ben Potter

Hi, Ben! Tell us a little about yourself!
I’m a father of two who has lived in downtown Macon for 13 years. I’ve had a love of music, especially live music, instilled in me since I was a small child.

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
If I had one album it would probably be Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles.

What is you favorite live concert memory?
My favorite music experience was actually a month in Athens where I saw Sonic Youth, the Strokes, and Sunny Day Real Estate on different nights at the 40 Watt.

Why are you on the board?
I joined the board to reconnect with my community in a way that also relates to music.

DSTO Moore

Elizabeth Schorr

Hi, Elizabeth!

Tell us a little about yourself!
By day I own ES&Co. Design, where we help businesses and organizations who are legit, look legit. I also am a Co-Founder of The Web, workclub. My husband Bobby and I have three children, own the local bike shop - Bike Tech and love Macon.

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
Chris Stapleton, From A Room: Volume 2

What is your favorite live concert memory?
St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Cox Capital Theater, Macon, Georgia.

Why are you on the board?
After growing up in Macon, my husband and I lived in Savannah for several years and during that time we would come home for Bragg Jam every summer. Bragg Jam brought out the best in our city and people and was the sign that more would be here than just our fam. I'm excited to help continue the legacy that the original founders started and show others that Macon can be a great place to live and work!

Heather Waldron

Jave Bjorkman

About myself:
I’m the owner and director of And So We Go Productions. I love meeting people and sharing stories.

Album for deserted island:
Pure Heroine - Lorde

Favorite live concert memory:
Photographing Mumford and Sons at Music Midtown

Why I’m on the board:
I love music, I love Macon and I want to tell the music stories of Macon

J.R. Olive

Past President

J.R., What’s up!? Tell us a little about yourself!
I am the Project Director of the Mill Hill: East Macon Arts Village. I enjoy playing guitar and making music. I have a baby named Julep and a dog named Kazoo.

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
Low Level Owl – The Appleseed Cast

What is your favorite live concert memory?
Hundreds of people sitting watching Sigur Rós at Chastain Park simultaneously standing, as if on cue, during the climax of one of their show.

Why are you on the board?
I love helping bring live music experiences to Macon.

Nikki Vincent

Hi there! I am a true Maconite as I have lived here my entire life. I graduated from Mercer University and am currently pursuing a Masters in Arts Administration from Drexel University. I am the Director of Ticketing with Spectra, overseeing the ticketing at the Macon Centreplex, Macon City Auditorium, and the Flint River Entertainment Complex in Albany. When I’m not working at an event you can find me at home studying, trying to garden, or running my zoo. I am the proud parent to four fur kids, Levi, Buffy, Finn and Phoebe. Yes I am obsessed with them and yes if you ask me about them I will show you a million photos. You have been warned.

Olivia Walter


Hey, Olivia! Tell us a little about yourself!
I’m from Fairview, Tennessee (that place you get lost when you are in Nashville). I’m the weird unicorn hybrid of athlete/music nerd. I went to Butler University and played soccer, but studied music, media, graphic design, art and journalism. I did a lot of stuff and things leading up to this to make me a utility knife. I moved to Macon in 2012 for an internship at the ASUN Conference in media relations. I guess they liked me… and I liked them because they kept me around. I get to merge all my passions in a career that is most people call a hobby, I am the Assistant Commissioner for Broadcast Services, so really that means those college sporting events you see on ESPN, I make those happen. The most important thing about me is I have a jumpy lil puppy named Ernie Barks. He’s pretty adorable and will cuddle with anyone; love ALL not hate. Follow him on Instagram: ErnieBarksW

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
Any Taylor Swift album because I’d be so motivated to get off that island as soon as possible. But seriously, I could be asked this question 365 days in a row and might have 297 different answers. I’m very indecisive, but for today I’m going to cheat the system and say I want my super special “Olivia Mix Tape” with a little Regina Spektor, Ben Folds, Fratellis, Rolling Stones and Sam Cooke. Oh wait. No. I’ve got it, I want Whitney! Whitney Houston! All day for the rest of my deserted life.

What is your favorite live concert memory?
When I was 13, I saw Ben Folds play piano in a Nashville Barnes & Nobles and it made my world explode. Two years later I got to help back stage at the Ryman for one of his shows, world re-exploded. There is not a more talented musician I’ve ever seen than Ben Folds. It’s like when you tell Southerners that they won’t love hockey until they see a game live and in person. Ben Folds is that. I’ve had a lot of wild live event memories and moments but that Barnes & Nobles moment is one that stuck.

Why are you on the board?
Music has already played a major role in my life, every step a long the way I had some element where it was present. Whether I was working at a recording studio, radio station, a venue or festivals…music is my drug. When I moved to Macon one of the first things I did was attend Bragg Jam and I knew everything was going to be ok and my moving and uprooting my life anxiety went away. Now that I can happily call Macon home I’m glad to be a part of the event that first made me feel welcome.

Rick Spires

Hi, Rick! Tell us a little about yourself.
CPA at Mauldin and Jenkins. When I’m not crunching numbers, I enjoy playing golf, watching Netflix and seeing live music.

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
St. Paul and the Broken Bones – City of Sound

What is your favorite live concert memory?
One of my first concerts was Dave Matthews Band and the Allman Brothers at Piedmont Park, I’ve been hooked on live music ever since.

Why are you on the board?
Bragg Jam is my favorite event held annually in Macon and I enjoy being able to contribute to its future success, as well as the city of Macon.

Kristopher Sutter

Tell us a little about yourself!

I have been a social worker since 2004 and have mostly performed individual therapy since 2007. I have worked for many organizations with a large variety of client populations and age groups. I am trained in evidenced based treatment modalities with an emphasis on trauma and PTSD. Most recently I supervised all clinical staff at inpatient and outpatient Mental Health, Substance Abuse, PTSD, and Homeless programs for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have sought to make a positive impact in every person or program I have encountered. My goals are to improve social justice, efficiency, compassion and self determined treatment. I have written over twenty grants for various non-profit organizations and state government agencies securing funding on more than 75% of submitted applications. I am meticulous in any project I engage with and find opportunities to make an impact. I enjoy training others to reach their potential and eliminate self imposed obstacles. I am currently retired due to my medical issues but would like to eventually train individuals how to write effective grant proposals and develop professional and ethical conceptualization skills for social work students and post graduate degree holders in the field of social work. My own lengthy and complicated history with chronic illness and battling the devastating effects of Crohn’s disease has also led me to focus on healthcare advocacy with a goal of eventually training individuals to navigate the healthcare system to better manage their own chronic illnesses and enhance compassionate care communication models with medical professionals and the facilities that employ them.
If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
Yo La Tengo: I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. It’s my go to album no matter my mood. It rebalances my soul.
What is you favorite live concert memory?
Ahh! Definitely when I met David Grisman after a concert at the Caverns in Tennessee. He’s a legend and when I told him I was learning his songs on the mandolin he gave me the pick he performed with that night and told me to stick at it. I have and I play a few hours everyday. I now consider myself a musician and want to support Macon’s local music scene anyway I can. I have a goal of performing on stage one day soon!
Why are you on the board?
My friend Ben Potter, who is on the board asked me if I wanted to join. Coincidentally I had been looking for a way to connect with the community more and thought this would be a great opportunity to give back, utilize some of my skills and try my best to support Macon’s music scene and continued revitalization.

Kaitlynn Kressin

Hi, Kaitlynn! Tell us a little about yourself!
When I’m not working on Bragg Jam, I’m the Director of Marketing for our family businesses in Downtown Macon. Event planning is my favorite part of my job so volunteering with Bragg Jam was a perfect fit! I have the most supportive husband and two HUGE loving pups.

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
The Dirty Guv’nahs! They’re music is so upbeat and makes me want to dance. I first saw them live at Bragg Jam in 2011 and had an absolute blast!

What is you favorite live concert memory?
When I was 6 I had two cats. One named “Drivin” and one named “Cryin.” Needless to say, everyone in my family are huge Drivin N Cryin fans. My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and I go to at least one Drivin N Cryin concert each year and they never disappoint. Dancing to 80’s rock music with 20+ loved ones is hard to beat.

Why are you on the board?
Macon, GA has a huge place in my heart. Unique, cultural events like Bragg Jam are one of the many things that make this city so great. I’m proud to help in the growth of Macon with any opportunity that I can.

Tanner Smith

Hi, Tanner! Tell us a little about yourself!
I grew up in Macon and after attending Georgia Southern University I decided to moved back home.. there is no place like Macon! I work for the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce as the Investor Development Manager. I love working everyday with the strong business leaders of our community. Living in Downtown Macon has given me the “big city” feel, while I still can walk into any restaurant and immediately see people I know. That is one of the greatest things about living in Macon.

If you could only take one album on a deserted island, what would it be?
Anything country! I grew up listening to all things country and still love it today. I will listen to just about any genre, but if I have the aux it’s more than likely Kenny Chesney. (Sorry not sorry)

What is you favorite live concert memory?
Probably my first concert… the Jonas Brothers. I believe this speaks for itself. I think I screamed nonstop the entire show. Those cutie boys just had it going on.

Why are you on the board?
I am thrilled to serve on the Bragg Jam board! Getting to help plan such a fun event that I grew up attending every year is an honor. The concert crawl is my favorite part of Bragg Jam, as it brings friends from near and far together to support music at awesome local venues.