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20 Questions with Bragg Jam!

Q1: How do I get tickets for the concert crawl?

A: Tickets can be purchased online through the Bragg Jam website. The only tickets that you can purchase are on Tixr HERE. We do not recommend buying through an alternate route or third party. Wristbands can ONLY be picked up at Central Ticketing located at the Blacksmith Shop (665 Poplar Street). You are required to be wearing your wristband to enter any of the Bragg Jam Concert Crawl venues. Central Ticketing will be open the day of the concert crawl at 12 p.m. (noon).

Q2: What am I getting for my ticket?

A: A general admission ticket gets you admission to every venue and access to see every band in the Bragg Jam in lineup! Individual venues do not sell tickets, and you cannot access a Bragg Jam spot without a concert crawl wristband. Festival wristbands are available at two levels, General Admission and VIP. In addition to venue admission, the VIP wristband entitles its bearer to the Blacksmith Shop’s climate controlled VIP lounge with complimentary cocktails, spacious restrooms, a Bragg Jam t-shirt, and fun games and activities!

Q3: We’re from out of town, what are the closest hotels we can stay?

A: Hotel FortyFive (401 Cotton Avenue) and the Coliseum Marriott (240 Coliseum Drive) are the closest, but Macon is full of great properties for you to enjoy during your stay! Check for a full list of options!

Q4: Can I bring my children to the concert crawl?

A: Bragg Fam is the best event to get the entire family involved! It takes place on the morning of the concert crawl until early afternoon. Most of the Concert Crawl venues require you to be at least 18 or older.

Q5: What should I wear to the concert crawl?

A: Comfort is key! Wear comfortable shoes for walking between venues. Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Most of our venues are indoors, but you’ll do a lot of walking outside and it will be HOT!

Q6: Can I bring my own food and drinks to the venues?

A: Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the venues. However, we have great restaurants and bars all around downtown to check out!

Q7: How do I get from one venue to another during the concert crawl?

A: Venues are within walking distance of each other. We will provide a map at the ticket counter to help you navigate between venues.

Q8: What happens if a venue reaches capacity?

A: If a venue reaches capacity, you may be asked to wait in line until space becomes available. Having a ticket does not guarantee entry if the venue is full, so plan accordingly.

Q9: Can I bring my camera to take photos and videos?

A: Generally, non-professional cameras are allowed, but it’s best to check the festival guidelines. Be mindful of other attendees and avoid obstructing their view.

Q10: Are there other events affiliated with Bragg Jam beyond the concert crawl?

A: Bragg Fam, our official family-friendly festival, takes place throughout the day of the concert crawl. There may be additional festival events such as artist meet and greets, as well as sanctioned events. Check the Bragg Jam calendar on the website or social media for announcements and details.

Q11: What’s the best way to transport my group to the concert crawl?

A: You can drive yourself and park in the metered spaces on the streets of downtown (meters run until 8 p.m. on Saturday, and are turned off on Sunday). Parking is also available in the Mulberry Street Parking deck or at the surface street lot at Fall Line Station (567 Plum Street) for a fee. Ride-sharing services (Uber and Lyft) are available downtown as well! Please make sure you have a plan for safe transportation.

Q12: How can I discover new artists and plan my concert crawl schedule?

A: Check out the festival lineup and listen to the artists’ music beforehand. Make a list of your must-see acts and create a tentative schedule, but also leave room for spontaneity and discovering new music. Bragg Jam has curated a Spotify Playlist for you to sample all of the artists you’ll hear. Listen to it on Spotify, “Bragg Jam 2024”

Q13: What should I keep in mind to have the best possible experience at Bragg Jam's concert crawl?

A: Go in with an open mind, be respectful of other attendees, pace yourself, stay hydrated, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the music!

Q14: Can I bring my pet to the concert crawl?

A: It’s best to leave your furry friends at home. Service Animals may be permitted. Please check each venue’s policies.

Q15: Are there any volunteering opportunities at the festival?

A: Absolutely! Reach out to us and we’ll get you assigned. Email for more information.

Q16: What if I want to see two artists performing at the same time?

A: Scheduling conflicts can be tough, but it’s all part of the festival experience. Prioritize the acts you absolutely don’t want to miss and be open to discovering new music during the other time slots. And remember, you can leave a venue during a show to go to another venue.

Q17: How can I stay updated on festival news and announcements?

A: Follow our Instagram or Facebook and sign up for email newsletters to stay informed about any updates or changes.

Q18: What if I have feedback or suggestions for the festival organizers?

A: We welcome feedback from attendees. Look for post-festival surveys or contact the organizers directly through their website or social media channels.

Q19: Where can I learn more about the Macon Music Scene?

A: Grant’s Lounge serves as the kickoff spot for Bragg Jam with founding Bragg Jam artists from The Buckleys opening the concert crawl for the 25th straight year. Peruse the Grant’s Wall of Fame while you’re there and learn about some of the legendary artists that stopped through Macon early in their careers. Prior to the concert crawl, you can stroll through downtown and bend the ear of the knowledgeable staff at Fresh Produce Record on Cherry Street, or stop by the Otis Redding Foundation to learn more about one of Macon’s favorite sons. Concert Crawl goers can also download the Visit Macon Music Trail app on their smartphone, and additional information about other great Macon Music heritage sites like the Allman Brothers Big House and the Douglass Theatre.

Q20: What should I do after the concert crawl is over?

A: Follow up with any new friends you made, listen to the music of your favorite discoveries, and start planning for next year’s festival! Don’t forget to share your experiences and photos on social media and tag @braggjam!