Greenhouse Lounge

greenhouse lounge


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Greenhouse Lounge combines the precision and production of a DJ with the raw energy and instruments of a three piece rock band. The band encompasses a multitude of unique styles and genre's which always keeps the dance floor hungry and wanting more. Bassist/founder Dave McSweeney captains the powerful ship with a veteran's vision, toting murky, sinister basslines and holding down a focused low-end anchor for guitarist/producer Zach Weinert. The multi-talented Weinert brings an expertise in modern production execution, burning guitar chops, and emotive synth-work that exemplify how GHL has one leg in each lane; mind-blowing explosions of programmed electronic dance music, raging alongside funky groove-rock .

GHL's newer forays into 70's blaxploitation funk and 80's electro-fueled house-quake burners are a deeper understanding of the styles and approaches that have long defined them. The newer music samples a myriad of classic takes and incorporates vicious breaks to undeniably dusty dancefloor anthems. A darker vibe permeates their Trap styles, injecting Dirty South hip-hop anthems into the mainline of their dance music foundations. Dirty bass-bombs give way to tremendous tension/release eruptions, while subtle and sexy vibes permeate their atmospheric excursions. Rock and rollers from their inception, a live Greenhouse Lounge rager always incorporates tight, hard-hitting live drums and burst-at-the-seam sounds of fury. Often-improvised sonic waves make their way into pulsating gumbos of new spices and irresistible flavor in your ear. At any given GHL party, the dance floor is alive and vibrant to a mix of hip-hop, house, drum & bass, funk, rock, trap and tech-step styles, all constantly rotated in and out of a set, an effortless mix flowing with excitement and energy.