Hello once again Bragg Jammers! We are wrapping up our artist interviews today as we hear from Charleston, South Carolina band, Susto. Susto recently performed in the Second Sunday Concert Series this April. Susto was founded in 2013 by Justin Osborne and is a nice blend of Adult Alternative and Americana style light rock. They are currently recording a second album.


Who are your favorite musical inspirations and heroes?

Outkast, Operation Ivy, Jim Croce, Cat Power, Willie Nelson & Band of Horses.


What is your most memorable live performance?

We've had a lot of really fun shows over the past couple years, one that stands out to me was opening for FUTUREBIRDS at The Parish in Austin TX. They are our good friends, & they sold it out. It was a killer show.


Where do you find inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?

We find inspiration all around us, life is the subject. We don't have one process for writing, it's different every time. Sometime myself or another person will bring a song to the table almost finished, sometimes it'll just be an idea, & sometimes we'll start from nothing as a group & write something completely new.


Do you have any advice for budding new musicians?

Patience & hard work would be my advice, it takes a long time to get going good in this business. Stick to it, get better & you'll get somewhere.


What is the strangest experience you have had as a band?

Mushrooms in Virginia.


What other bands in the Bragg Jam line up are you most excited to hear?

I'm really excited for Shakey Graves & Dylan Leblanc, but tons of others too. a lot of our friends are playing.


What activities are you most looking forward to doing in Macon?

I'm excited to see a bunch of cool music & hang with friends. Macon is a great town to do that it.