Larkin Poe

Get to know the artists of this year’s Bragg Jam! We took the time to ask some of the artists just a couple of questions in order to get a better understanding of who they really are. Today, we hear from Larkin Poe, an alternative folk rock band out of Atlanta whose classical roots meets classic rock influence have garnered them several record deals and quite the international following.


Who are your favorite musical inspirations and heroes?

Jack White; Chris Whitley; Pink Floyd; Led Zeppelin; Bonnie Raitt; The Allman Brothers; Elvis Costello; Johnny Cash; Stevie Ray Vaughan; Jeff Buckley… we could go on for hours. New artists, old artists - there is something to be learned and taken from anyone who has ever genuinely wrote, played, or sung a song from their soul.


What is your own most memorable live performance?

We've been grateful to have had many, many memorable experiences, so it's hard to pick one as "the most". I will say we had a pretty remarkable performance just the other day opening for Queen at the Rhein Energie stadium in Cologne Germany. A stadium full of thousands of people, rain pouring down, and a day spent in the presence of Brian May is hard to forget!


Where do you find inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?

We both make an effort to read and journal every day and I think that's where most our inspiration comes from: musing about our days, or reading other people's musings about their days. We usually write separately and the come together at the end to collaborate on building riffs, harmonies, and arrangements.


Do you have any advice for budding new musicians?

One: really consider the gravity of entering a career in music to begin with and only do so if you are truly passionate about your music. This life style is far from easy, not for the faint of heart. Two: really hone your craft and don't rest of your laurels. Do what you do, fearlessly. Three: Write, write, write! Constantly!


What is the strangest experience you have had as a band?

One of my favorite, out of the blue, odd memories lately was getting a call from T Bone Burnett asking us to come to the House of Blues Studios in Nashville, TN to record with Steven Tyler. We met T Bone Burnett through Elvis Costello after he asked us to come in and record on The New Basement Tapes session in L.A.--  a wonderful recording, if you haven't heard it, check it out. After we got the call, Rebecca and I were looking at each other like "Steven Tyler? Is this seriously happening?? Yes." So random. But delightful. They brought us in to record on a track that needed some extra instrumentation and we ended up writing the intro riff to the song. Both Steven Tyler and T Bone were warm and welcoming to us... All in all a wonderful day, wonderful memory.


What other bands in the Bragg Jam line up are you most excited to hear?

So looking forward to hearing Shakey Graves! What a beast.


What activities are you most looking forward to doing in Macon?

We don't often play so close to home (Atlanta); most of the time we're touring in Europe and the U.K., but  Macon is an easy drive for all our hometown peeps. It's going to be amazing to spend a day festival-going with all our family and friends!